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WhatsApp download for pc famous application for messaging via mobile phones now available for desktop and Mac. It functions like Whatsapp Web. Actually, it's an extension of mobile devices.

WhatsApp apk download for pc. Features

For Windows 7, 8 and 10, the offline installer of Windows PC can be utilized. It can also be synced to your mobile. It is possible to install the app to chat with friends and family right from your Mac or desktop. The application mirrors your messages and chats from your cell phone.

Free messaging

WhatsApp download for pc is used via an internet connection, so that you don't need pay extra fees to send messages. It is possible to send messages free of charge to your friends and family. Going here: for extra information.

Group Messaging

With WhatsApp it is possible to send your messages, videos, and images to up to 256 users at once. You can give an account name to your group or change your profile or customize your notifications, etc. Remember however that you can't add new contacts or publish your address.

Voice calls

WhatsApp allows you to live chat with your buddies. No matter where they're outside the country. Enjoy the face to face talk with your friends and at no cost.

Security Defaults for Security

WhatsApp for Windows secures your calls and messages to friends. The new app version is secure, meaning that your calls and messages only show to you and the person you're chatting with.

Everything is shared

WhatsApp allows you to quickly be able to share your sorrow and joy with those who are far away. Click the button and connect with your loved ones.


Send Documents

It's now easy to share PDF files, spreadsheets and slideshows as well as any other type of document. This means that you don't have to utilize email or another file-sending application. It allows you to transmit up to 100 MB files easily.

A Native App

It functions similarly to whatsapp application. Without any confusion just make use of the app using your browser. Running natively on the desktop, it supports native notifications and keyboard shortcuts.

Scanning of QR Code

You can convert WhatsApp apk with your mobile through scanning the QR code. After scanning it, your account registered with WhatsApp will be linked to your computer's window so that you can begin talking.

Use of Webcam and Microphone

You will have plenty of fun using a variety of appealing alternatives. With the aid of a webcam and microphone, you can send images or videos, and audio files.

Fast Communication

As the internet runs fast than your smartphone and provides a fast way of communicating with your loved ones. It also transfers all types of material (messages pictures, videos and more.) It's extremely quickly.

Free of charge

WhatsApp apk download for pc is accessible with a freeware license WhatsApp apk download for pc is available with a freeware license for Windows 32-bit and 64-bit. It is free for all software users and is available as freebie. It is part of the Messaging and chat category.

Connected to Mobile

WhatsApp APK is, however, the most efficient and well-known method of communicating. But it depends upon the device you use, as it requires connection to your computer constantly. This weak point put the app a little in comparison to its competitors; such as Line and Telegram. Both apps are free of any hassle.

Compatible with Windows

WhatsApp Free Download with a variety of compatibility with different types of gadgets, the application offers a special compatibility for every types of Windows - Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, and Windows XP are mainly operating system to run the application smoothly and reliably. It requires either the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of.

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